Calibrations samples

Every Sedimate is individually tailored to the specific discharge quality standard required to be achieved at each location. To ensure reliability, Sedimate incorporates a location-specific sediment sample, as soil types and conditions can vary greatly from one location to another. The location-specific sample is called a ‘Calibration Sample’.

Calibration Sample collection

Collection of the Calibration Sample is critical to the accuracy and reliability of resulting SedimateTM. In some areas, Aqualutions staff may be available to assist with collection of the Calibration Sample. Alternatively you may wish to collect the Calibration Sample yourself or engage third-party assistance. Aqualutions can provide a Calibration Sampling kit if required; please contact us if you require assistance in this matter.

The most useful water samples contain a high proportion of fine sediment, as the fine sediment remains in suspension longest, and is therefore most likely to be discharged. In order to gain the most benefit from the Sedimate the following factors need consideration when collecting a Calibration Sample.

The Sample MUST:

Please note that dry soil samples, water with insufficient sediment content, or samples which have been stored incorrectly (or for too long after collection) may not be suitable for Calibration and additional Sample(s) may be required.

How to collect a Calibration Sample

Health and safety is of paramount importance; appropriate safety measures must be employed when collecting the Calibration Sample.