Managing sediment

Discharges of sediment laden water into New Zealand’s freshwater eco systems have captured increasing public and media attention over recent years. For those discharging sediment into freshwater ecosystems, environmental management has become as important a consideration as workplace Health and Safety. As awareness rises, quality control expectations increase and regulations or permits become more prescriptive.

Poorly managed sediment discharges represent a significant risk not only to the environment, but to those responsible. Direct enforcement action following uncontrolled sediment discharges can have both immediate and long-lasting costs and effects. Infringement and/or prosecution fines are an immediate cost; Abatement Notices to cease work until a discharge is appropriately managed can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost time, plus the potential costs of clean-up operations. Additionally, damage to the reputation and public perception of those involved can have an adverse financial impact for years following the incident.

Regulatory authorities impose limits on sediment discharges to surface water to safeguard the environment. However, managing sediment discharges effectively has traditionally been extremely difficult. Without an easy to use, reliable and cost effective means for managing discharge quality in real time on site, those responsible for the discharge face serious financial risk

Until now.

Over two years in development, Sedimate is the solution. What is Sedimate?

Aqualutions Limited is the home of Sedimate, and is committed to enhancing freshwater ecosystems and reducing risk by promoting and enabling effective water quality management. Aqualutions Limited is also currently developing further water quality management equipment. See Products and Services or Contact Us direct for further information.