Field samples

Every Sedimate is supplied with a number of Field Sample collection bottles and is ready to use straight out of the box. The Field Sample bottles fit tightly into Sedimate and are flat-sided to minimise distortion. In contrast to the Calibration Sample, collection of the Field Sample couldn’t be easier.

Field Sample collection

To ensure the best reliability, particularly when compiling a compliance record of Field Sample collections, it is advisable to always collect the Field Sample in the same location, and preferably from the same location as the Calibration Sample was collected. Water containing treatment chemicals, such as flocculants, CAN be gauged using Sedimate. Indeed, using Sedimate to gauge the discharge quality may be beneficial in fine-tuning the amount of flocculant required by enabling you to identify over- or under-dosing quickly.

 The only consideration when collecting a Field Sample, aside from Health and Safety of course, is that the Sample is collected as close as possible to the discharge point from the established treatment system (floating decant, perforated snorkel, spillway etc.).

How to collect a Field Sample

Health and safety is of paramount importance; appropriate safety measures must be employed when collecting the Calibration Sample.

Further instructions on how to use Sedimate can be found on How to Use Sedimate