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Each calibrated unit is ready to use straight out of the package and is supplied with: simple step-by-step instructions; five discharge water sampling bottles. No specialised training or PPE required.

Calibration sample collection kit

Collection of the Calibration sample is critical to the accuracy of the Sedimate unit. Each Calibration sample collection kit contains: simple step-by-step instructions; a cool box and freezer pad; sample bottles (see Services below).

Additional discharge water sampling bottles

Discharge water sampling bottles are used in conjunction with Sedimate to gauge the quality of your discharge water. You may require additional bottles to replace those lost or damaged, or to augment your Shelf Life kit (supplied in multiples of 10).

Shelf Life kit

You may wish to keep a physical record of your discharge quality. Each Shelf Life kit contains: simple step-by-step instructions; preservative with measuring device; storage/sealing labels; 30 additional discharge water sampling bottles.

Calibration sample collection by Aqualutions staff

Each Sedimate is manufactured to individual specifications. This requires a sample of the discharge water from your existing treatment system (such as a sediment pond or baffle tank). Collection of this sample is critical to the accuracy of the Sedimate unit; therefore you may wish to engage our services to ensure the sample is collected correctly.