What is Sedimate?

Pro-active environmental management greatly reduces the risks of the responsible discharger facing enforcement action, with all the associated costs and stigmas. SedimateTM is the cost effective solution to managing sediment discharges effectively. The combination of simple design with robust materials and laboratory precision makes Sedimate easy to use and completely reliable. This reduces risk enormously, saves considerable time and money, and puts you in control.

Using Sedimate you are able to make an informed decision in mere seconds. Each Sedimate is individually tailored to the unique combination of soil types and discharge quality expectations at your location. To achieve this, a sample of sediment laden water collected from an existing on-site water treatment system is used in the construction of each Sedimate.

By incorporating this location-specific and discharge-specific element, the patented technology of Sedimate ensures that each unit is calibrated to your unique quality constraints.

The ability to instantly assess the quality of your discharge, at any given time and as often as required, provides invaluable information to the responsible manager. The patented design of Sedimate ensures reliability for you and promotes confidence for a regulatory authority.

Once Sedimate has been delivered, samples of the water being discharged can be gauged as often as required by on-site personnel. No special training or PPE is required. Optionally, collected samples can even be labelled and kept as a compliance record if required.

In addition, treatment systems incorporating water quality controls, such as flocculants, can be adjusted quickly according to your Sedimate gauging results. This has the potential to reduce on-going maintenance costs, or avoid over-dosing or under-dosing of products such as flocculants. Treatment systems can be tailored to ensure discharge quality limits are met consistently.

Benefits of using Sedimate:

Sedimate is ideally suited to managing sediment discharges from long-term and/or fixed sources such as:
Residential subdivision developments;
Commercial/industrial developments;
Gravel extraction/washing plants.

Sedimate may also be helpful in managing sediment discharges from short-term and/or mobile sources including:
Works in waterways;